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Jazz Around the World – Meeting Place

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джаз филармония холл

If you are looking for the Jazz Around the World tour, you have come to the right place. We will meet here at Kanale Speaks – where you are right now – the evening of March 31st to begin the tour. Just what is Jazz Around the World? Here is the press release:

April is Jazz Appreciation Month. In honor of Jazz Appreciation Month, I am hosting  a virtual tour called “Jazz Around the World”. Through the magic of the Internet and YouTube, we will visit 30 countries in 30 days – a different country each day – to hear Jazz from musicians that were born in those countries.

Visitors will be treated to a virtual concert by artists or groups at each stop on our itinerary. The journey begins and ends in the United States, circling the globe as we go.

This is a virtual tour; all you need is a computer, tablet, smartphone, or any Internet-enabled device. Please join me for an unforgettable musical journey.

Hope you will join me for Jazz Around the World.