Jazz Around the World – 11 April – Cameroon

джаз филармония холл - © Stan Thomas/Kanale Creations


Welcome to Cameroon. We are in luck today. Our performances today include two legends.

You may have heard our first artist. He was a pioneer of a form of music that has become known as Afro-Jazz. Here is saxophonist/vibraphonist Emmanuel “Manu” N’Djoké Dibango, better known as Manu Dibango:


Soul Makossa


Manu Dibango & le Soul Makossa – Live Paris 2005 – Dizzy Gillespie’s “Wachi Wara”


Live at the Barbican, London. Part of Fela Kuti’s Black President Festival – “Big Blow”


Next up, bassist/singer/composer Bona Pinder Yayumayalolo, professionally known as Richard Bona. He has played with musicians from around the world, played countless different types of music, and sings in at least three different languages. Without further ado, here is Richard Bona:


Sona Mama


Ekwa Mwato (Affirmation of the Spirit)


Yara’s Blues


Live in Tokyo, Japan – “Teen Town”


Live at Timisoara Jazz Festival in Romania (No title provided)


Map of CameroonThank you for joining us here in Cameroon. I hope you enjoyed the concert. We’ll meet at the Internet Airport for an overnight flight north to begin the European part of our itinerary. Next stop on our Jazz Around the World tour: Spain.

April is Jazz Appreciation Month. Support the artists. Buy their music. Go out and see some live Jazz today.


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