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Joe Sample – Gone Back Home

Posted in Jazz, Music with tags , , , , on Saturday, 4 October 2014, by Stan

It was when he played with The Jazz Crusaders that I first heard of Joe Sample. My cousin, who is way ahead of his time in his musical appreciation, often talked about The Crusaders (they had dropped the “Jazz” from their name by then). I have many memories of my father playing their music. Hearing them on what was then radio station KBCA (I’m dating myself with that reference) was always a pleasure.

The mid-80’s were a magical period in my life. It was during that time that I got to meet Joe and a couple of members of his family – actually I met his family members before I met Joe. I would later see him play several times live in concert, one of my favorites being at the Playboy Jazz Festival (the 1995 edition, I think) when he brought his trio featuring Doc Powell on percussion. It was amazing how much music came from that small group. Just another testament to how Joe can interpret and reinterpret his own music. In the ‘aughts’ I met a couple of musicians who had performed with Joe and got to hear some stories about what it was like performing with him.

Sample’s music was more than just good music to me. Quite a few of his compositions still evoke emotions, visualizations, and contemplations, and, of course, indelible memories associated with each song.

Over Sample’s lifetime, he recorded nearly two dozen solo albums, recorded 40-plus albums with The Jazz Crusaders/The Crusaders, and compiled almost 2,000 other composing, arranging and/or performance credits. The list of artists he has performed with is as varied as it is lengthy.

Since your browser would choke if I tried to post clips of each of Joe’s songs that I would like to post, here a just a few of my favorites:

With The Crusaders – “So Far Away


With The Crusaders– “Mellow Out” (from the Chain Reaction album/Mother, Jugs, and Speed soundtrack)




Burnin’ Up the Carnival” featuring Pauline Wilson and Flora Purim


All God’s Children


The world has lost another great musician. Rest in peace, Mr. Sample. And thank you for the legacy you have left behind.