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Jazz Around the World 2 – 24 April – Mali

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джаз филармония холл - © Stan Thomas/Kanale Creations


Welcome to Mali. In the world of Jazz, Mali has produced many musicians that have gone on to tour the world. Today we’ll visit with a couple of these groups that will take us back to the earlier days of Jazz in Mali.


Starting us off will be The Rail Band. Known at times as Super Rail Band, Super Rail Band of the Buffet Hotel de la Gare, Bamako, and Bamake Rail Band, the group was formed during the period when Malian government-sponsored cultural events and groups where created during the 1960’s. The group started out playing Cuban-style Latin Jazz, which was popular two decades earlier, and remains popular to this day. Interesting to note that the Cuban Latin Jazz style the Rail Band played came from The Congo. To this, the band added their own style using electric instruments, horns, and a drum kit.


On stage now, The Rail Band:







Mali Yo








With Djelimady Toukara – “Marigoundo”





Up next is the group Super Biton de Ségou. The group’s beginnings date back to the 1970’s. In one form or another, through hard times and through various members, the orchestra soldiers on still today. They have a 200-song repertoire, and at the height of their popularity, earned the title of Mali’s first ‘national’ orchestra. From the town of Ségou, let’s welcome, Super Biton de Ségou:



















Niénema Miné





MaliThank you for joining us here in Mali. I hope you enjoyed the concert. We’ll meet at the Internet Train Station for our train ride. Next stop on our Jazz Around the World 2 tour: Senegal.

April is Jazz Appreciation Month. Support the artists. Buy their music. Go out and see some live Jazz today.