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Jazz Around the World 2 – 22 April – Uganda

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Welcome to the Uganda. Jazz was not always a popular style of music in Uganda. Fortunately, that has changed. And, fortunately, we’ll be treated to a performance by one of the musicians who is widely credited with making Jazz more widely accepted in the country.


Starting off our evening is guitarist Myko Ouma. Ouma has made quite a name for himself in and around Kampala. He studied Western music in college and has merged what he has learned with traditional Ugandan music and instrumentation. As a result, you’ll find him playing several different styles on many different instruments.


Let’s bring to the stage, Myko Ouma:




Live at Kampala Serena Hotel – “Aluru”





Live at Kigali Jazz Junction – With Herbert Rock on saxophone – No Title





Live at Kigali Jazz Junction – “Aye”






And now, coming to the stage is the man credited with making Jazz a more prominent art form in Uganda’s music scene, saxophonist Isaiah Katumwa. Katumwa is a self-taught player. The story goes he was given a saxophone as a teen, an instrument that he had never even seen before. Add to that the fact that there was no school for music or even a music store anywhere near his home. But he did not let those barriers stop him.


Over his two-decade-long career, he has performed with such world-renown artists as Jonathan Butler, Hugh Masekela, Miriam Makeba, Manu Dibango, Erika Badu, in addition to other musicians across Africa, Europe, and the throughout the world. Katumwa continues to spread the word of Jazz across Uganda and abroad through his radio and television shows.


Without further ado, please welcome, Isaiah Katumwa:




Live featuring Hugh Masekela – “Sunrise”









Ametenda Maajabu




Live featuring James Gogo – “Kilele”




Live – “Pamoja”





UgandaThank you for joining us here in Uganda. I hope you enjoyed the concert. Rest up. We have a long flight ahead. Next stop on our Jazz Around the World 2 tour: Benin.

April is Jazz Appreciation Month. Support the artists. Buy their music. Go out and see some live Jazz today.