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Jazz Around the World – March 31 – Departure

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джаз филармония холл - © Stan Thomas/Kanale Creations


Hello and welcome to Jazz Around the World. Glad you are joining us on this historic trip. Through the magic of the Internet (and YouTube), we will be visiting 30 different countries in 30 days; a different country each day. Our tour has us traveling around the globe, enjoying some great Jazz music in each country on our itinerary.

Some of the musicians we will be checking out may be familiar to you. Others may not.

And since our vehicle for this tour is the Internet, we will be able to see archived footage of performances by those artists who have gone on to the ultimate gig. May they rest in peace.

New OrleansIf you joined us early, here’s a bonus concert: As you know, Jazz began in the city of New Orleans in the United States. Here is where Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong was born. Armstrong is regarded as the father of Jazz. ‘Pops’, as he was respectfully called, was known as much for his confident, cutting-edge cornet playing as he was for his raspy, playful, vocal stylings. It is fitting that Pops sends us off on our Jazz Around the World tour. Pops? If you please:

West End Blues


Basin St. Blues


Heebie Jeebies


Potato Head Blues


What a Wonderful World


Hope you enjoyed the concert by Louis Armstrong. Get some rest. Tomorrow we fly up north. Our first stop on the Jazz Around the World tour: Canada.

April is Jazz Appreciation Month. Support the artists. Buy their music. Go out and see some live Jazz today.